Frontier: The Fight For The Amazon

2021 - Director/Producer

Matthew Wortman is currently preparing to direct his first co/production independently financed feature film: FRONTIER: The Fight for the Amazon – Those fighting to save it and those fighting to take it.

The battle for Brazil’s interior is a modern day, epic, western cowboy movie. A cast of ‘A’ list actors alongside the real-life frontier men and women, landowners, ranchers, and Indians – not as commonly portrayed by the world’s media. Normally seen as the main threat to the Amazon forests, here they are cast as they really are, living saviours of the Amazon rain forest; true grit ‘boots on the ground’ pioneers.

FRONTIER shows what it takes, day by day, facing Nature’s challenges and head on human brutality and aggression. Here, individuals and families stand alone without protection from the law – an echo of the American West. 

This is a tense action-packed environmental drama. Matthew Wortman believes this frontier story of Brazil’s interior is one of the most engrossing epic tales of our time.